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EQ’s Anniversary – 25% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE

EQ's Anniversary Sale - 25% Off the Entire Store!

EQ’s Anniversary Sale – Take 25% Off Everything in the Store. Please join us Jan 22nd – Jan 31st, 2016. Find this season’s apparel, tack, blankets, and supplies — no brands exempt! You’re going to buy it anyway, come buy it on sale!

EQ’s Outfitted By EQ Elite Riders 2016 – Asmar & Sarm Hippiqu

EQ's Outfitted By EQ Elite Riders 2016

EQ is excited to announce its 2016 Outfitted By EQ Elite Riders, Priscilla Trees in #AsmarEquestrian & Shannon Beck in #SarmHippiqueUSA.

EQ’s Holiday Best In Style


EQ is ready for the Holiday Shopping Season with new inventory from our best brands In Style: Just In: Shirts/Sweaters from Asmar, Joules, Winston New Belts: C4, Green Hill, Asmar Rugged Boots from Ariat for riding and just looking good Performance outerwear from Schockemohle, HW Platinum and Polo Come in or contact us for the […]

EQ’s Holiday Shopping Assist

EQ does the shopping for you.  Email, message, phone us

Let EQ make your holiday shopping easy — and quick.
You’ll be the most popular Secret Santa or most-invited guest. Our 2 “best sellers” for the season:

The Bridle Registry: EQ’s Wish List
Personal Shopping Appointments – in-person, online, over the phone!

EQs Show Apparel ANNUAL SALE

Save 20% off of all in-stock show coats and shirts from Ariat, Asmar, Winston, Grand Prix, Sarm HIppique and more

Get ready for show season now — 20% OFF ALL SHOW COATS & SHIRTS for men, ladies, and kids in-store. Choose from Winston, Grand Prix, Sarm Hippique, Asmar, Ariat, Romfh, and more. You’ll need it any way … Come in before December 31st, while our inventory lasts. And if you’d like to order that special coat — ALL CUSTOM ORDERS ARE 10% OFF before Dec31st.

EQ’s Gift Guide ’15 in The Competitive Equestrian

The Equestrian’s Concierge was tapped by The Competitive Equestrian to bring the best gift buys the equestrian-at-heart

Giant Steps Harvest Barn Dance Oct24th

Giant Steps Harvest Barn Dance

Harvest Barn Dance at Cornerstone Hosted by Giant Steps on October 24th Tyge Williams Cellars at Cornerstone Sonoma Please join us for a wonderful evening of wine, food, fashion, and fun — all for a great cause, Giant Steps Therapeutic riding. Click here for Tickets! The Harvest Barn Dance celebrates the best Sonoma has to […]

#HelloFall — Apparel’s Favourite Season

EQ Fall 2015 Trend Ariat & Asmar Light Layers

EQs Trend Watch – Boxes of beautiful Autumn colours arrive daily at EQ from industry-best apparel brands and this Fall, equestrian fashion has a new twist. Instead of equestrian looks going mainstream – street style comes to the stable

Why the Uvex Helmet – Try it!

Uvex Suxxeed with Glasses

The new Uvex Equestrian Helmets are definitely worth trying on and we’ll have bonus inventory here at The Equestrian’s Concierge this week. The Uvex Perfexxtion & Suxxeed Helmets are innovative and technologically advanced, specifically designed for rider safety. The integrated EPS shell makes it an extremely secure and stable helmet, while remaining super lightweight.

Summer Saddle & Tack Care

You and your horse are not the only ones who suffer from the heat, get parched in the sun and get filthy with dust in the Summer. Your tack and equipment is taking a beating.

After your horse, your saddle is probably your greatest investment and caring for it with the seasons in mind can make it last for decades. Here’s a guide on treating it that can be used across all of your tack and equipment (not your fine leather boots, see our Guide for Fine Leather for using different products and methods). At EQ, we have an array of Leather Services including the treatments for new tack, revitalizing boots, and re-conditioning saddles – and I always tell people: water doesn’t hurt your leather, but sun, sweat, salt, and dirt does!

Intended for 2–4 times per year, this treatment is the basis for re-conditioning, coloring, correcting damage or removing mildew. In summer this safeguards against dust, sweat, and sun and in the winter against harmful moisture. This process will strip and eliminate deposits from the leather, then restore moisture and suppleness and add a layer of protection.

Begin with the saddle turned upside down and work upwards – this way, every surface is treated and, in the final steps, ensures the final protective layer undisturbed once applied.

Saddle Before

Saddle Before

Saddle conditioned

Its not out of the question to expect this result from a summer-ravaged saddle


Everyday Tack Tools

  • Bucket of water
  • Tack sponges (not kitchen scrubby sponges)
  • Saddle soap (two of our faves: Fiebing’s Saddle Soap, Stubben’s Glycerin Soap)
  • Conditioner (We use Effax, Stubben, Belvoir and Leather Therapy)
  • Terrycloth towel, rag, or lint-less cloths from an auto parts store
  • Nail brush or toothbrush

Special Re-conditioning Tools

  • Basting brush and small artist’s paint brush
  • Small container for oil (we use an empty mink oil past jar)
  • Diamond Paste (not just for bits, cleans stirrup bars, buckles, etc.)
  • Neatsfoot Oil (it’s denser and gives you better control than others)
  • Deep Conditioner (deepest is Stubben’s Hamanol but usually Belvoir Leather Balsam)
  • Mink Oil paste (the easiest ingredient for weatherproofing and softness)


  • Gently wipe the tack / saddle with a clean, dry towel to remove dust
  • Apply soap generously with dampened (not wet) sponge; work up a lather
  • Rub in repetitive circular motion with the sponge areas that have oil buildup, discoloration or deposits (tackle an area about the size of your hand)
    • this is the “stripping down” phase. Do not panic if some colour is ”lifted out” of tack during this phase, it will return with oil and conditioning
  • Use the brush on metal surfaces; buckles, stirrups, etc. Try soap first; if deposits remain or there is a sign of mildew (usually white on leather or green on/around metal), use vinegar.
  • Rinse with damp sponge until no lather remains
  • Wipe excess moisture with cloth, paying particular attention to stitching
  • When clean, polish metal with Diamond Paste

Allow saddle to dry (ideally, overnight) before oiling. Check leather thoroughly to identify particularly dry or discolored areas. Again, start upside down:

  • Apply oil with a basting brush. Oil will be applied like paint, in coats, and may require a “touch up” in areas
    • Do not pour oil drops directly on to tack – it will cause inconsistent coloring
  • Where oil has not produced the desired result, use finger, paint brush or corner of cloth to apply a spot amount
  • Allow oil to dry overnight before continuing
  • Wipe excess oil with cloth, paying particular attention to stitching
  • Apply a conditioner such as Leather Therapy or Belvoir Leather Balsam with a clean sponge or cloth.
  • Allow to set for several minutes then wipe excess with cloth – again, pay particular attention to stitching
  • Using bare hands, apply Mink Oil paste with a gentle rubbing action but not “rubbing in” or cracking/bending leather
    • Ladies: take care not to scratch the leather with your nails!
  • Wipe excess paste away with cloth, paying particular attention to stitching and crevices — do not allow excess buildup to remain.
  • Leather should be supple and extremely soft – congratulations, you’re done!

Ashley Matchett Woods is the owner of The Equestrian’s Concierge at Sonoma Horse Park in Northern California. EQ offers expert cleaning, darkening, weatherproofing, conditioning and restoration services for your saddles, tack and fine leather boots.


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